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30 Oct

double rainbow.

27 Oct

Breaking news from Bushwick: we have a double rainbow!

bright head.

27 Oct

…and in spite of the weather, we can learn to keep our head bright.

hipster kid.

24 Oct

This Sunday belongs to all the hipster babies! I think that all the hipster kids from around all the cool places of the world (like Bushwick, East London or East Berlin) should unite themselves and prove the world that you can follow the latest fashion trends at the age of 3. So does Sam’s daughter Violet 🙂

Merry sunny Sunday, everyone!

laundry day.

23 Oct

in bushwick everydayness, he’s doing laundry. carefully separating whites from darks. his eye gets wet and throat dries out as he feels the pressure of piano key wave of chopin’s nocturne #2 in its finale in his pod. the plant on the laundry machine blossoms.

highly well.

22 Oct


-“how was your day?”

– “oh, holy insane friday. i worked so much, it felt like the real world. you?”

– “i got so high during the morning photo shoot, i had to sleep the whole afternoon, so that i can go for CMJ in the evening.”

– “yeah, the real world.”

gimme more bushwick.

21 Oct

give me more bushwick. give me more myrtle avenue. give me more morgan stop. give me more coffee. give me more sugar. give me more punk ducks. give me more coffee. (i drink a lot of coffee). give me more sweets. give me more music. give me more air. give me more bushwick.

(photos take in Little Skips)

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