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Skipping with Linda Thach.

26 Oct

It was at least 200 degrees outside and a real estate broker just took me and my roommate to be to see the scariest apartment in Bushwick you can imagine. “It’s alright, that ceiling is not falling, it’s just a shadow that creates that impression.” “And yes, this apartment comes with a complimentary Puerto Rican flag. …and a grandma.” It was starting to be clear that Bushwick wasn’t such a good idea (sic!). At that moment, the only possible shush answer to the worn out, tired, dusty and whiny me was an immediate increase of caffeine in my blood. A cute little corner coffee shop came in handy. Cozy, art on the walls, great music, macbook crowd, amazing coffee and a petit smiling girl behind the counter…

Approximately 20,000 coffees later, I knew Linda Thach and the story of how she created Little Skips; a café, which can’t even be called the second home of the most young people living in Bushwick, because it’s their first home, it’s virtually their living room.

Linda is a cute little spirit, and the original little skipper, with roots in Cambodia, she can’t fight something eternally positive about her personality, even when she’s tripping from fatigue. But don’t get confused by the little girl look, being very down to earth, together with Henry Gluckroft, Linda manages her own business at a very young age and is a friendly boss to a handful of employees.

Little Skips is certainly one of the reasons why Bushwick, as we know it, is expanding from the L train towards Myrtle Avenue. Furthermore, it’s a place where the local community meets and works together. It’s a very unifying Bushwick spot where ideas are discusses and are brought to life.

Linda’s Blog about Little Skips

Come to Little Skips

The Art of Story Telling with Jackie Summers.

19 Oct

Take a sip of a strong aromatic drink, recipe of which is one of the many secrets of Jackie Summers. Close your eyes and let your brain slowly recognize layers of cinnamon, clove and cardamom. Feel the gentle late summer breeze on your face and comfort yourself in a large red garden chair on the roof terrace of the Bushwick apartment of the writer Jackie Summers. You are about to hear a story. A true story. A story about how nothing compares to happiness and about how nothing hurts more than the pain only love can bring…

It was about a year ago when a director of production in a popular woman’s magazine, Jackie, decided to give his stories a more tangible form and start a blog. He wanted to tell stories about how the real New Yorkers live and love.  Forget Carrie Bradshaw, forget the glamour, turn off the TV show about New York that was made in Hollywood and cross the Williamsburg Bridge. Listen to the slam of the door in a Brooklyn apartment, listen to the long orgasm moan, watch a couple hold their hands….

After a brief chitchat with death, Jackie decided to leave behind a job that wasn’t making him happy and to focus only on what is really important – to live well and to listen to his call. Currently, is this Bushwick-based New Yorker having long conversations about love with his friends and is writing a book based on his popular blog, Fucking in Brooklyn.


decomposition of Joe Davenport.

12 Oct

depending on how open is your consciousness to the receipt of broadcasting of the outer space civilizations when walking down knickerbocker, you get to meet temporary inhabitants of planet bushwick. Joe is an alien fox who smiles a lot and landed in Brooklyn under the pretext of music composition. he is interested in interaction with humans and observing our relationship rituals. he likes roses and dissolves quickly if your frequencies don’t match. Joe’s musical excursions will take you to a different galactic and spiritual spheres. he plays a fender guitar and tap-dances at the same time. he frequently performs in bushwick and elsewhere in brooklyn.

tuesdays with bushwick residensts.

12 Oct

people residing in Bushwick are amazing. different, unique, friendly, supportive of each other, crazy talented with a strong sense of community. therefore, the idea was born that every tuesday there will be one of them featured on Bushwick Daily blog. the first bushwick resident is a musician Joe Davenport. to learn more about the upcoming features, follow Bushwick Daily on twitter or shoot us an email ( if you want to be featured or if you know someone who should be featured.

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