30 Oct


double rainbow.

27 Oct

Breaking news from Bushwick: we have a double rainbow!

bright head.

27 Oct

…and in spite of the weather, we can learn to keep our head bright.

NOT in love.

27 Oct

everyone and i mean everyone IS in love with this song. ok, denying the denial… Bushwick Daily too…

Skipping with Linda Thach.

26 Oct

It was at least 200 degrees outside and a real estate broker just took me and my roommate to be to see the scariest apartment in Bushwick you can imagine. “It’s alright, that ceiling is not falling, it’s just a shadow that creates that impression.” “And yes, this apartment comes with a complimentary Puerto Rican flag. …and a grandma.” It was starting to be clear that Bushwick wasn’t such a good idea (sic!). At that moment, the only possible shush answer to the worn out, tired, dusty and whiny me was an immediate increase of caffeine in my blood. A cute little corner coffee shop came in handy. Cozy, art on the walls, great music, macbook crowd, amazing coffee and a petit smiling girl behind the counter…

Approximately 20,000 coffees later, I knew Linda Thach and the story of how she created Little Skips; a café, which can’t even be called the second home of the most young people living in Bushwick, because it’s their first home, it’s virtually their living room.

Linda is a cute little spirit, and the original little skipper, with roots in Cambodia, she can’t fight something eternally positive about her personality, even when she’s tripping from fatigue. But don’t get confused by the little girl look, being very down to earth, together with Henry Gluckroft, Linda manages her own business at a very young age and is a friendly boss to a handful of employees.

Little Skips is certainly one of the reasons why Bushwick, as we know it, is expanding from the L train towards Myrtle Avenue. Furthermore, it’s a place where the local community meets and works together. It’s a very unifying Bushwick spot where ideas are discusses and are brought to life.

Linda’s Blog about Little Skips

Come to Little Skips

who reads by the fire.

25 Oct

Maybe you squinted last night until 3am with the flickering light of your $9.90 Ikea lamp only to finish the latest novel by Nicole Krauss. Maybe you got so inspired last night, you didn’t go to bed at all and the day light hit you at 7.15 am like a hammer making you realize it’s time to shower off the writer’s sweat and go to your day job. Maybe you already developed a chronic wrist pain because you believe keyboards kill creativity and scribble your Bukowski-inspired novel with tiny neat handwriting into your green mole skin day by day. And maybe just your bookworm Bushwick heart desires to slowly melt into a chair as you’re listening to a well written poem while the fire patiently consumes the forest wood in the fireplace…

In any case, you should have been there! Or if you fit the description above, you probably were there… On Fireside Follies reading series no. 1 on Saturday in Fireproof, Bushwick.

Masterminds behind the project, Eric Nelson and Mike Lala, are making sure to deliver every third Saturday each month, almost to your Bushwick living room, the finest that has been written lately.

So was the case on Saturday when we heard Justin Richards’ deep mind tape.

Matt Zing’s poetry.

Robin Grearson riding a motorbike and eventually refusing to be just another older woman.

Melissa Febos unveiling the secret life of a Bed-Stuy dominatrix.

And the night’s headliner, Emily Gould, capturing everyone’s attention with a smoothly written piece about a schoolgirl’s first love.

Fireside Follies

Bushwick Finest Reading Series, every 3rd Saturday each month

119 Ingraham St (At Porter Ave), Bushwick, Morgan L

hipster kid.

24 Oct

This Sunday belongs to all the hipster babies! I think that all the hipster kids from around all the cool places of the world (like Bushwick, East London or East Berlin) should unite themselves and prove the world that you can follow the latest fashion trends at the age of 3. So does Sam’s daughter Violet 🙂

Merry sunny Sunday, everyone!

laundry day.

23 Oct

in bushwick everydayness, he’s doing laundry. carefully separating whites from darks. his eye gets wet and throat dries out as he feels the pressure of piano key wave of chopin’s nocturne #2 in its finale in his pod. the plant on the laundry machine blossoms.


22 Oct

highly well.

22 Oct


-“how was your day?”

– “oh, holy insane friday. i worked so much, it felt like the real world. you?”

– “i got so high during the morning photo shoot, i had to sleep the whole afternoon, so that i can go for CMJ in the evening.”

– “yeah, the real world.”

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